Quick User Guide

- 1 - PCIe mini interface
- 2 - M.2 to PCIe mini adapter
- 3 - BLACK bean card

Power on

Connect ​BLACK bean card to your device via M.2 interface. Also, can be connected via PCIe mini interface by using M.2 to PCIe mini adapter.

Setup driver

Your device needs to be able to communicate with your operating system. Some of operating systems such as Ubuntu 18.04 LTS already have ath10k drivers and BLACK bean will work out-of-the-box. For other platforms, please follow the corresponding tutorial listed under Software How To to compile and install the driver for your specific platform.


With default setting your device will be available with tools such as iw, ip, ifconfig, tcpdump and ready to use. For more tools, configure your own .config on buildroot.