Quick User Guide

Power on

A convenient way to power up your device is by connecting it to a USB power source (e.g. your computer) by using a USB to UART cable. A single LED (named PWR) should light up upon powering. Give it at least 30 seconds to boot.

Now that we powered our device on, let’s connect it via the WAN port. Configure your computer's network interface with IP address and netmask. Make sure that other devices on your network are not using this subnet!

Connect to Centipede via serial connection and assign an IP address with the following command:

ifconfig eth0 up

If everything is done correctly you should be able to reach Centipede via the default IP address of

Alternatively, you can also plug Centipede straight into your local network and connect via an IP address provided by the DHCP server.

Log in

Centipede is now reachable, so let’s login via ssh:

ssh root@

Or via telnet:


Or via your internet browser with the following URL:

By default your device does not have a password set so when logging in only enter username “root” and leave password field empty.