Recover Firmware

The following section goes into detail of the firmware recovery process for Cherry when it does not boot any further than U-Boot. This can happen during an accidental shutdown during the firmware upgrade process or any corrupted system files. Some recovery methods will require LAN and serial access. Note: any configuration changes made previously will be cleared!

Recover via U-Boot

ATENTION! It is possible to brick your board while making changes inside the bootloader so make sure you are entering correct commands. If you make a mistake while typing use CTRL+C instead of backspace!

1. Install tftp server.

2. Rename firmware image to fwupdate.bin and copy to your tftp directory.

3. Set IP address of on your tftp server's ethernet interface.

4. Reboot Cherry and press ESC when prompted to enter bootloader then press <Ctrl+C> a few times to clear console buffer.

5. Begin the procedure:

run do_recovery