Flash Firmware

This section covers a few methods to flash firmware onto your Jalapeno.

Web interface / LuCI

Connect to your Jalapeno web interface and navigate to (System → Backup / Flash Firmware),
then select your firmware image and press Flash image, on the next page click Proceed to begin flashing.
Note: this method is only applicable for official OpenWRT (.bin) release images, 8device release (.ubi) not supported!


Connect into Jalapeno and download the binary image to RAM under /tmp.
(Alter your username, IP and path to match your binary image location)

scp tester@ /tmp

Perform upgrade procedure with configuration reset:

sysupgrade -F -v -n /tmp/openwrt-8devices-v3.1-ipq40xx-8dev_jalapeno-squashfs-nand-factory.ubi

Perform upgrade procedure without configuration reset:

sysupgrade -F -v -c /tmp/openwrt-8devices-v3.1-ipq40xx-8dev_jalapeno-squashfs-nand-factory.ubi