Recover Firmware

The following section goes into detail of the firmware recovery process for Komikan when it does not boot any further than U-Boot. This can happen during an accidental shutdown during the firmware upgrade process or any corrupted system files. Some recovery methods will require LAN and serial access. Note: any configuration changes made previously will be cleared!

Recover via U-Boot

ATENTION! It is possible to brick your board while making changes inside the bootloader so make sure you are entering correct commands. If you make a mistake while typing use CTRL+C instead of backspace!

1. Install tftp server.

 sudo apt-get install tftp-hpa

2. Connect to device via picocom.

 picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0

3. Reboot device and enter bootloader menu by pressing ESC several times while device boots.

4. Check for ip address.


5. Exit from picocom, return to PC shell. Press <CTRL+A> <CTRL+X> to exit from picocom.

6. Add address from the same subnet as device address.

 sudo ip a a dev eth2

7. Execute this recovery command.

 tftp -m binary -c put <firmware>

8. Enter picocom to check for upgrade process.