Update firmware (Windows)

The following tutorial is made for updating Korlan USB2CAN firmware on Windows operating system. You can get the firmware here . Also you can download all required tools here

Instructions for Korlan USB2CAN firmware upgrade (Windows).

1. Connect the device to PC.

2. Extract the provided tools archive.

3. Extract firmware archive into the same directory as the tools.

4. Run fwupgrade.bat

4. 1. If running for the first time, enter 1 when prompted to install the DFU driver

5. The firmware upgrade should be performed automatically.

If there are any issues, the manual process is:

1. Connect the device to PC.

2. Extract the provided archive.

3. Open Command Prompt and CD into the directory where files were extracted

3. Run USB2CAN_DFU.EXE - this will switch the device to DFU mode

4. If the driver is not installed, run the following command in the command line:

 usb2can-dfu-driver-setup.exe --type 4 --vid 0x257F --pid 0x0004 --inf "Korlan_USB2CAN_(DFU_in_FS_Mode).inf" --cert "8devices.cer" --progressbar

5. Once driver is installed, execute the following to commence firmware upgrade:

 dfu-util.exe -a 0 -s 0x8008000:leave -D USB2CAN-fw.bin